Maternals Rams

Cloven Hills 110043

RamCashmore Oaklea 092378
EweCloven Hills 080531

Inspected in 2013 at Cloven Hills 110043 displayed very good phenotype. Good structure, clean white tight wool, clean points and well-muscled. With a Maternal$ Index of 134 he is in the Top 5%. Used in our 2013 and 2014 AI program. 

Boonerah 120256

RamMarlow 080144
EweBoonerah 090230

Used as link sire for the Australian Coopworth Breeders Group. 110256 is by the highly regarded NZ sire Marlow 080144. With a Maternal% Index of 135 he is in the Top 0.5%. Used in our 2014 AI program.

Twin Farms 070807

RamTwin Farms 051165
EweTwin Farms 020467

Imported into Australia after extensive use in NZ. 070807 still holds his position at the top of the NZ index's. Inspected in 2013 the ram displayed impeccable structure. 070807 is a ram with thickness and muscling hard to come by in any breed and is also a serious curve bending sheep for growth to adult weight. Used in our 2014 AI program.

MNCC 110627

RamMNCC 090495
EweMNCC 100346

Researched and found in NZ to be a high performing Coopworth ram from Edward Dinger’s ‘Ceres Farms'. 110627 is ranked at top of the NZ index’s and has bred very well for us. Used in our 2013 AI program.

Cashmore Oaklea 090972

RamCashmore Oaklea 080913
EweCashmore Oaklea 080097

Purchased by Cloven Hills and used extensively in their program and across numerous other Maternal Composite flocks he will provide good linkage and performance into the flock.

Boonerah 130147

RamMarlow 080144
EweBoonerah 100469

An exceptional Marlow 080144 son purchased out of the Coopworth National sale in syndicate with Cloven Hills. Very sound structured ram with desirable PFAT and PEMD. Very high NLW at 20% leading to more live lambs to go on the truck.

Cashmore Oaklea 130645

RamCashmore Oaklea 110667
EweCashmore Oaklea 110430

This ram was purchased by Chrome out of the 2014 Cashmore Oaklea ram sale. His sire is the number 1 indexing ram in Australia and 130645 comes not far behind boasting a MAT$ Index of 141. Semen purchased for rapid genetic gain in all areas especially YNLW% and for superior linkage.

Cashmore Oaklea 131014

RamCashmore Oaklea 121317
EweCashmore Oaklea 120338

A very correct, smooth ram purchased from the 2014 Cashmore Oaklea Sale in syndicate with Cloven Hills. This arrangement will give further linkage and will add genetic diversity to our flock. 131014 has very good structure with black feet, clean breech and head. Used in our AI program for 2015.