Angus Donors

Kansas Annie D8

SireSAV Net Worth 4200
DamKansas Annie Y18

Purchased from the Kansas dispersal for $17,500. This cow has bred the house down and has been the best cow we have purchased. Her progeny are moderate framed thick cattle, with great structure. We searched through many cows to find one like this. Bulls and heifers have been retained within the stud. Has an outstanding K drop heifer calf by Prophet.

Lawsons GAR New Design 1407 A1173

SireBon View New Design 1407
DamLawsons GAR Pinnacle Y625

Purchased from David Murray at Kilburnie Angus where she had a big impact on their program. An excellent bodied cow with the figures to back it up. 

Te Mania Queanbeyan D113

SireTe Mania Yorkshire Y437
DamTe Mania Queanbeyan Z387

Embryos purchased from David Murray at Kilburnie Angus. This cow is one of the highest performing cows in the country. An AM carrier but still has plenty to offer. Exceptional calving ease without sacrificing growth and performance.