Angus Semen

Dwyers Range Gatsby

SireTe Mania Berkley - VTMB1
DamCampton C8 - DNWC8

Gatsby has been a standout since an early calf. He has sired oustanding phenotypes in his progeny, with thickness and moderate frame. Bred from one of our most fertile and high milking cow lines and by the super sire Te Mania Berkley. Gatsby ranks in the Top 1% for every index and is entered into round 4 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program. Gatsby currently ranks 15th of all sires based on the Angus Breeding Index on Angus Group Breedplan.

**Semen Available**

Dwyers Range Jackpot

SireExar Upshot 0562B
DamKansas Annie D8

Jackpot was bred from our program out of the $17,500 top priced cow/calf unit purchased at the Kansas cow dispersal and by US sire Exar Upshot. Jackpot is an extremely thick and soft fleshing bull and has stood out of our 2013 drop bulls. He has been matching it for growth all the way whilst scanning #1 from his contemporaries.  Kansas Annie is one of our best footed cows and Jackpot stands on a great set of feet and legs himself. He will be used in our 2014 joining.