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We are a diligent team of like-minded people with a strong focus on how red meat can remain a prominent part of world protein supply and demand. Focused on breaking the status quo and pushing the limits higher in commercial lamb and beef production systems. Whilst remaining aware of the difficult balance of production efficiency, product quality, consumer perception and our environmental footprint.

Rick, Julie and Sam Gates are proud to be the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Gates family to be seedstock producers in the New England area of the Northern Tablelands, NSW. We have designed our website to achieve multiple objectives in providing up to date industry information and to openly display our program to all visitors.

Our passion to be on the front foot all the time means we endeavour to talk to a wide range of stakeholders within the industry regularly. Between our team we rack up endless email messages, phone calls, overseas plane flights and farm visits in the car to identify the best animals, management tools and relevant enterprise decisions at present. These actions ensure we present the highest likelihood of injecting the best genetics into our client’s enterprises possible. 

This brings us to where we are today, we hope that you enjoy browsing through our website and enjoy reading our breeding philosophy’s and our industry relevant articles. The genetics we offer seek to enable our clients to push their production systems performance and will be discussed in more detail for each breed throughout the site.

Sam and I are always available to assist and discuss our stud stock and articles relevant to our website. Please feel free to contact us personally, by phone or email. 

We are always looking to talk to people about:

  • What is important to them and how we can better tailor our package to suit their needs?
  • Market opportunities and market feedback (abattoir, retailer and consumer).
  • New product releases, seeds, drench, vaccine and equipment advances.
  • Genetics...our passion!


I had been buying Charolais/Angus composite bulls from Rick’s father Arthur for many years, when Arthur stopped breeding bulls I turned to Gates Performance Genetics to supply us with bulls. In 2012 I purchased 2 composite bulls from Rick to join over our Angus and Black Baldy cows. We calve our cows in July. This year we sold all of the heifer calves at the regular Armidale fat sale on 14th May (10 months). We received 237c/kg or $871.15/head + GST. I weaned the steer calves to grow them out and at weaning time in mid-May they averaged 442kg. I will be looking to Gates Performance Genetics for a new bull this year.

Michael Wilkenson, ‘Methven Park’, Armidale.

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