Field Day Success!

23rd December 2015

On the 8th of December 2015 Gates Performance Genetics hosted a making more from sheep field day to bring likeminded producers together to discuss and learn about the major profit drivers for a sheep enterprise. Mainly based around lamb breeders but covering various wool topics, the day was a huge success with over 70 producers, agents, industry professionals and even a few overseas travellers from Wales. Geoff Duddy from Sheep Solutions and Brent McLeod from the LLS presented the majority of topics covered on the day with Lu Hogan from the Sheep CRC covering the new Ram Select App and Jim Meckiff covering some EID technology. To bring so many people along for the day was a huge credit to the quality of information on offer and a testament to how strong the lamb industry is and its bright future. Many thanks to all the people involved in the days organisation and to the producers who turned up to see the Gates Performance Genetics sheep available.

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