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Here we have written and gathered industry relevant research, explanatory notes and tools that will be helpful in directing our clients' enterprise performance in the right direction. Simply select the relevant breed to your enterprise and take a quick look over any articles that may be of interest to you.

Understanding Angus Index's

Thu 11th Dec 2014

Here is a help file on the breakdown of how the Angus Australia index's are compiled. This will aid in choosing which index is right for your operation and desired breeding objectives and gives a general overview of how to select an animal acccordingly. Once the correct index is decided upon, ple... more details

Bringing a New Bull Home

Fri 03rd Oct 2014

Bringing your new bull home

When you buy a new bull or bulls for your herd, you can reduce problems by getting them home and settling them in properly. Bulls of all breeds can become upset and excited during the sale and delivery process. They are subjected to strange y... more details


Wed 01st Oct 2014


Pestivirus is widespread throughout the Australian cattle population. About 70% of herds are actively infected with the virus. Infection of susceptible animals can cause a variety of diseases, some not apparent until well after the initial spread of the virus in a herd.

... more details

Using Yearling Bulls

Mon 22nd Sep 2014

Using Yearling Bulls

In Australia and other parts of the world, there is a trend towards using bulls at yearling age (12–18 months). This allows introduction of superior genetic material into herds a year earlier than normal, resulting in faster genetic improvemen... more details