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Here we have written and gathered industry relevant research, explanatory notes and tools that will be helpful in directing our clients' enterprise performance in the right direction. Simply select the relevant breed to your enterprise and take a quick look over any articles that may be of interest to you.

Ewe Management Revolution

Wed 08th Feb 2017

Ewe condition score

03 February 2017

more details

Wed 08th Feb 2017

Making more from sheep

Making More from Sheep is a pa... more details

Worm-resistant flocks a win for producers

Sun 14th Dec 2014

Worm-resistant flocks a win for producers

Selecting rams with a negative yearling worm egg count (YWEC) of -60 or more can transform an e... more details

Understanding ASBV's

Wed 01st Oct 2014

Buying the right ram is an integral part of all sheep breeding businesses. Rams breeding decisions made today will impact the profitability of your sheep enterprise in the short and long term future, depending on the enterprise characteristics. 

The detailed overview of each relevant... more details