Breeding Philosophy

Gates Charolais has identified some specific areas within the Australian beef industry for a strictly terminal Charolais sire to be used to produce crossbred calves with superior growth, carcass and conversion. We continue to performance record our cattle with the same rigour we follow through all our programs. Identify the best within the breed and within our herd and multiply them to deliver a product more profitable for our clients. Clients can expect progeny from a uniform or highly varied cow base to come out relatively consistent and form an outstanding line of cattle to present to the market. Whether it’s over the hooks, privately or through the yards, our cattle will perform in your cross breeding program.

Our program uses AI and ET to seriously ramp up genetic gain within our herd. This enables us to use the best from a wide gene pool and have a blend of Australian, American and French genetics within our system. The blend is working extremely well, with our cattle still having the punch or carcass and growth from a terminal sire but remain easily finishable off a grass or grain based system.


Calving Ease

-       Live calves grow faster than dead ones! We have a very strong emphasis on this trait and continue to weigh every calf at birth to ensure this trait is positive.


-       200, 400 and 600 day weights are recorded to identify the performers.

-       Weight is money so we cannot sacrifice growth.


-       Ultrasound scanning is used to measure the leading contributors of carcass value IMF, P8/Rib Fat and Eye Muscle Area.

-       Measuring these carcass traits helps identify animals for their ability to finish and also their respective carcass value.

-       Visual muscle score is also highly noted for carcass yield representation.

Temperament and Structure

-       Quite temperament and sound cattle are essential and for this reason we have a zero tolerance policy.