White Suffolk Rams

Farrer 130076

RamMiddlemoor 099097
EweFarrer 110208

Farrer 130076 was purchased from the 2014 Farrer sale in partnership with Petali White Suffolks for $7500. 130076 stood out as a ram with an outcross pedigree to Pollambi 110451 and Ashmore 080179. He is a smooth long ram and stands exceptionally well with very sound feet. Top 1% growth, top 3% muscle, top 10% worm resistence and a Lamb 2020 index of $117.6

Semen Available at $40/straw discounts apply.

Farrer 130043

RamFelix 090715
EweFarrer 120236

Purchased from the 2014 Farrer sale and used by Farrer to back-up their AI program. 130043 is an exceptional carcass sheep with excellent muscle in the loin and hindquarters. Very low birthweight sheep with performance. Top 1% Lamb 2020 index of $116.2

Farrer 080017

RamFarrer 040074
EweFarrer 060079

Farrer 080017 was purchased from Petali White Suffolks. He exhibits tremendous thickness and correct structure. As now a 6.5 year old ram his feet have never been trimmed and are looking great. A major strength of this ram is his extremely high worm resistance coupled along with a low birthweight, muscle and high growth performance. Lamb 2020 index of $116.4

Pollambi 110451

RamAshmore 090179
EwePollambi 090001

The leading terminal sire in Australia based on Lamb 2020 index. An exceptional low birthweight high growth ram, with exceptional structure and muscling. Has bred well for us and 28 other flocks Australia wide. Lamb 2020 index of $120.2