Maternal Composite Ram Sale

Sale: Gates Performance Genetics will this year be holding their annual on-property ram sale on the 20st February 2018. In the sale will be 100 Maternal Composite rams with full ASBV's and details provided in the catalogue below.

After years of performance testing, evaluating, culling the worst and multiplying the best we believe we have some sheep that can make a real difference to your prime lamb enterprise. 

Our maternal program delivers genetics for a self-replacing prime lamb enterprise or for producers breeding towards the goal of specialised prime lamb production. Previously having 1st cross Merino/Border ewes, the realisation and requirement for a better solution was made following observations of the risks and downfalls of the old system. Our ewe lambs are successfully joining at 7mths of age and have the potential to wean 100% lambs to ewes joined as hoggets, and 160% as mature ewes. They are highly productive sheep with achievable average gross returns of >$200/ewe at 15-16mths of age through lamb and wool sales.

Composite Theory: Since civilized man began to keep livestock and farm we have tried to breed better animals and crops to suit our needs. Through a composite breeding strategy we can take the desired attributes from numerous breeds and combine them to form a far superior breed and also have the added benefit of hybrid vigour. A few major successful examples are the world’s second largest cereal crop being wheat (bred from two grass species), the Australian Kelpie, Australian Stock Horses and the Droughmaster cattle breed. This means keeping an open mind when searching for ways to make an enterprise more productive, sustainable and therefore profitable into the future.

It must be remembered that the object of the self-replacing Maternal Composite ewe flock is to retain the best of your ewe lambs each year and breed your own replacement ewes, thus making cumulative and sustainable gains in production year on year.

The Rams: GATES MATERNAL COMPOSITE rams have within their Genetic make-up superior traits that can deliver maternal performance into your prime lamb flock. The sale rams have been performance tested for all commercially relevant traits and analysed using the Maternal Lambplan system to be ranked by the Maternal Carcass Production Plus Index. Details on understanding the analysis and index can be read by clicking the links at the very bottom of this page.

Breed composition: Individual levels may vary but we aim for a breed composition of 50% Coopworth, 30% White Sufolk, 10% Romney and 10% (East Friesian, Texel and Border Leicester).

Aims:  Our aim is to have every generation of Maternal Composite’s more productive than the last. We have already noticed massive improvements in mothering ability, do-ability, hardiness, age of puberty and worm resistance, with large notable gains also being made in growth rate and dressing %.

These rams provide you with the opportunity of getting into self-replacing Maternal Composite Genetics as opposed to the more traditional approach of buying in 1st X ewes often with no known genetic merit and also the hazzard of exposing your enterprise to bio- security risks such as Lice, Resistant worms, Footrot, Brucellosis and Ovine Johnes Disease.

Gates Maternal Composite rams would be suitable for joining to a wide range of ewe bases looking to improve the next generation of lamb producing females. To achieve the best results we would love to consult the range of possibilities with you leading up to the sale.


Guarantee:  At GATES PERFORMANCE GENETICS we guarantee every ram we sell for a 12 month period from purchase date with a replacement ram if available or a ram credit for the following year on any ram that breaks down structurally or becomes incapable of natural service other than as a result of an injury or sickness received or contracted after purchase date. A vetinary certificate may be required.

Assurances: GATES MATERNAL COMPOSITE stud is a Brucellosis Accredited Flock #: OB 11/16 and is within the Northern NSW low prevalence area for Ovine Johns Disease(OJD), with no outside sheep being introduced since the studs inception other than from OJD MN3 accredited flocks. All rams have had a full vaccination program of 5-1 and receive a complete physical examination prior to sale.

Bonus!!!!!   As a bonus GATES PERFORMANCE GENETICS offers you the opportunity to select a Kanika Working Kelpie pup with every purchase of each $30,000 worth of genetics purchased from us. These pups have again some of the best Kelpie genetics available. Supply dependant on availability and may mean a small wait.


Gates Performance Genetics have had large inquiry from across the New England, Western NSW and Southern QLD in regards to our Maternal Composite program. Repeat clients have been extremely pleased with the results to date and are certainly looking forward to each generation being bred every year or sooner! 

Please feel free to contact us directly for sales and inspections, with no commitment to purchase.


Rick Gates: 0427 711 254

Sam Gates 0437 553 862


Through our agents Blake O'Reilly, Sam Sewell and Andrew Starr at Ray White Rural Armidale/Guyra or through your preferred agent with a 4% rebate offered*.

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