Breeding Philosophy

By using a composite breeding program we are able to gain all the advantages from hybrid vigour whilst also incorporating all the best features of each breed into one package. Our program aims to have a breed composition of approximately 50% Coopworth, 40% White Suffolk and 10% East Fressian/Texel/Romney. We have extensively sourced the best genetics from Australia and New Zealand for use in our large AI program. This process allows us to source the most elite genetics from an enormous gene pool.

Selection of these genetics has meant our sheep have an optimal balance of traits for prime lamb production.

These include:

  • High fertility
  • Excellent mothering ability and lamb survivability
  • Lamb easy
  • Fast Growth
  • High eating quality (IMF and Shear Force)
  • Resilience and Resistance to worms
  • Resistance to fly strike (strict cull policy)
  • Moderate adult size
  • Tight skins
  • Sound conformation and longevity
  • Early puberty for mating at 7 months
  • High yielding carcass


By breeding sheep that have this selection pressure placed upon them we are able to deliver a product we know will improve your prime lamb enterprise.