Breeding Philosophy

The breeding philosophy adopted by Gates Angus is that to provide sustainable and profitable genetics to our clients. We need to have superior maternal genetics whilst continually improving growth and carcass traits. Gates Angus takes into consideration 5 key components to generating higher profits through genetic selection. These are:

  1. Number of calves weaned (fertility, calving ease and mothering ability).
  2. Growth Rate (speed to market and conversion efficiency).
  3. Market suitability of the product (high yielding, high quality carcasses).
  4. Cost of production (low maintenance easy care cattle).
  5. Structurally sound functional cattle.

By talking  with our clients, working with  processors, keeping abreast of the latest genetic  advances and industry research and recognising market signals our aim is to shape our breeding objectives accordingly and advance our clients profits in an upward trend.

Gates  Angus believe that in a self-replacing beef herd in Australia that the  Angus breed is in an enviable position to take advantage of the high value existing and emerging markets.    

At Gates Performance Genetics we aim to breed high performance, balanced cattle that will suit most production systems.

We believe in our program of Performance Driven Profit, and know that our breeding philosophy is working for our clients.


 Read a detailed overview of the 5 key profit drivers on our Commercial Benefits page.